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Classic Facial - $110

A relaxing facial with steam, gentle cleansing and extractions.

Vitamin C Facial - $145

This treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, firmness, texture and color, creating a smoother complexion and a more luminous appearance.

24k Gold Facial - $185

24 karat gold mask nourishes the skin to help revive natural youthful vibrancy, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, combat free radicals and enhance skin rejuvenation.

Hydrafacial - $185

The HydraFacial MD system is designed to remove all impurities from your skin and infuse the skin with anti-aging serums. This non-invasive skin resurfacing experience leaves you with instant clean and hydrated skin.

Express Facial - $65

The express facial is uniquely designed to give maximum results in minimum time. Formulated to refresh, renew and revitalize, this treatment works with all skin types to reveal more youthful, healthy skin.

Custom Facial - Consult

Reinvigorate your natural radiance with a facial customized specifically for your skin. 

High performance, certified organic skin and body care. Cold processes whole raw pulps - never processed extracts. No GMOs, no animal testing, synthetic free, nut free, gluten free. Vegetarian and vegan.

Rosacea-Sensitivity - $145
A calming soothing facial that restores and balances the deliverance of healthy glowing skin. The natural way! The rosacea facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, mask, face, neck and shoulder massage.

Age Prevention Plus - $145
The age prevention plus is an advanced treatment to have if you want to keep your skin smooth, even, luminous, and absolutely radiant. A nutritionist vitamins mask is very beneficial for mature skin. Carrot, Calendula, Cantaloupe, and Sorb Apple berries are very rich in beta-carotene, an essential antioxidant. Followed by an ultimate skin quencher for mature, aging skin types of hyaluronic acid and copper for lifting and immediate hydration.

Acne Facial - $145
The acne facial is designed to say goodbye to problem skin and hello to radiantly clear complexion. This facial is followed by a organic ichthammol mask, with clarifying and calming herbs. Gentle Sulphuric exfoliation exfoliates and hydrates the skin. Due to the high Sulphur content, the appearance of the skins texture is improved. 

Hydration Facial - $145
The hydration facial is specially designed for dry skin. this facial boosts hydration, vitality, and firmness to the skin. This mask with hyaluronic acid and a unique botanical blend replenishes moisture and creates younger and plumper looking skin. Hyaluronic Acid is known to replenish moisture, plump from the inside out, and create a barrier layer to minimize moisture evaporation.

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